Room S502a, 5/F, South Tower, PolyU WK Campus

The studio equipped with a 4m (L) x 3m (H) x 3m(W) 180 ̊ Chroma key background, three high quality Camcorders, microphones and lighting control system, it is capable to support small group interview with curtain backdrop, interaction with video/graphics displayed at chroma key background, small-scale product video demonstrations in front of a solid backdrop, audio recording and still photography.


Three high quality Cameras so we can do close up shot and optional angle to the objects.


Soundproof environment and we do the studio set up including table, chairs, laptops to cater your needs.


The teleprompter for the video which is supporting the video subtitle input.The script make your speech clearer.

Media Control Panel

The media control system to monitor the online streaming, recording & adding virtual background or transition effect.