Who can book the e-Making Studio?

The following users can make bookings through the System: PolyU CPCE students, academic and administrative staff.

How to make a booking?

• Please check the sessions available for booking at the e-making room schedule. Bookings are made on a first-come-first-served basis unless otherwise specified.

• Individual bookings can be made at least 2 working days and up to 30 working days in advance through the email with application form to ITU e-Making Studio email: e-studio@cpce-polyu.edu.hk and ITU staff will contact you for the assessment of your video shooting/photo taking requirement.

• The duration of each booking session is 1 hour or 2 hours. Each individual student ID can book only one session per day and no more than 2 sessions per week.

• Please settle the payment at iPay Kiosk# within a working day upon receiving email notification of your booking result and bring the receipt to ITU helpdesk counter at 5/F, South Tower,Student Computer Centre, WK Campus for confirming the booking. The time-slots will be released to other users if you fail to do so.

# For HHB campus, please go to iPay Kiosks on UG/F For WK campus, please go to iPay Kiosks on S2/F

Booking fee

$400 / 2 hours (1 session)

*Booking charge currently waived for staff who produces academic related activities until further notice.


Room S502a, 5/F, South Tower, PolyU WK Campus

Check in and out procedure

• The applicant must produce the valid booking receipt together with his/her student card used for registration at the ITU helpdesk counter, 5/F,South Tower, Student Computer Centre, WK campus before using the facilities.

• The studio assistant will brief user on proper use of the studio equipment and confirm the environment setting based on the user’s requirement collected from the pre-session communications.

• Users will be given a "Studio and Equipment Record Form" showing the equipment provided that you are required to sign back to acknowledge receipt of the equipment in good working order with no damages.

• Before leaving the studio, users must make sure they have saved their media files in their own storage devices. Any files will be deleted on a daily basis at the end of each session.

• Our studio assistants will check the condition of equipment with users after the use of studio to ensure the equipment and accessories are in good condition for each studio users. The checking should take around 15 minutes.

ITU helpdesk counter opening hours

Monday – Friday 8:30am - 10:30pm

Saturday 8:30am - 6:30pm

Sunday and Public Holidays Closed

**Semester break and summer period :

Monday – Friday 8:30am – 7:30pm

Can I cancel, change or refund after booking confirmation?

The applicant should send email to ITU e-Making Studio: e-studio@cpce-polyu.edu.hk for any booking cancellations or change at least one working day in advance. The booking is not transferable, and no booking fee will be refunded; the user can make a free booking session later. *Users who fail to take up their booked sessions (a “no-show”) on two occasions within 30 consecutive days will be barred from making advanced booking of e-Making Studio for two weeks and no booking fee will be refunded.

How do I know if my booking is successful?

The applicant has to bring the receipt of booking fee to ITU helpdesk counter at S5/F, Student Computer Centre, WK Campus to confirm the booking and a booking confirmation email will be sent to your college email account.

Rules and Regulations

• Each individual student ID can book only one session per day and no more than 2 sessions per week.

• The studio is dedicated to the production of academic or CPCE related projects.

• The confirmed booking cannot be transferred.

• The maximum number of people per session is 6.

• All equipment is for use inside the studio only.

• Equipment failure/damage/loss must be reported immediately to the studio assistant or the ITU helpdesk counter. If it is determined that the damage or parts missing is due to misuse or negligence, the user will assume full financial responsibility for the costs of repair, labour, replacement parts, etc.

• ITU staff have the right to stay in the studio for assist or inspection during users’ reserved session.


Please email to e-studio@cpce-polyu.edu.hk or contact ITU helpdesk at 3746 0819 / Gigi Lam 3746 0837.