Step 1:Schedule & Preparation

Project Start

Online or offline? Any special background? Use the speech or powerPoint for shooting? Standup or Sit? Any subtitle for the video output?

Any information may affect the cost, studio set up, preparation or production duration. If you do not have ideas, please visit our gallery that your may find some template for your ideas and options.


We do not charge the venue and equipment for the production of teaching or administration, but only charge for the helper for shooting and post-production by working hour.

e-Making Studio Management System(EMS)

We offers a one-stop-solution for staff members managing their video projects working with e-Making Studio.

Step 2:Shooting

Team Support

Once we got the approval email from ems system, the booking will confirmed within 3 working day, and we will arrange the team for your shooting and production.

Content prepartation

*A PowerPoint or Words file is important for the video shooting and production.

For the shooting with script, please provide the text 3 working days before shooting for the teleprompter set up.

We hold the studio base on the content, please come to studio on-time or eailer for set up and prepration.


Please do not wear any green, lattice or stripe pattern.

It is welcome to make up, bring the drinking water, coat or tissue for your need.

3 : Video Production


please provide the information and content to our team for the video production. such as, subject title, PPT, referencing, logos, speaker information, photos, etc.

The text file is needed for the video which is need the subtitle input. (Chinese, English, or both)

Video draft and approval

The 1st draft will be ready within 2 weeks after the shooting and 3 revision for each video.

Please comment and check for the content, design, subtitle, background, animation, information, etc.

The total production duration will base on the video length and qantitly, please use our ems system to estimate the post-production hours.

3 steps studio workflow

Guest Lecture


Promotional video